John Bentrup Tattoo Artist

Over 10 years of experience tattooing, John has worked with hundreds of clients. His work is a direct reflection of his personality - strong and bold. Producing beautiful art is his life which can be seen in each piece from the strong lines to the exceptional coloring and shading.
John is the kind of tattoo artist that everyone is looking for likable, talented, and smells good too.

Looking for a custom tattoo in Shreveport Bossier area? You can find John at the clean and sterile studio Bloodline Tattoo Studio in Shreveport, LA.


Examples of some of the custom tattoo work that is available from John who is now working in the Shreveport / Bossier area.

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John is currently working at the Shreveport tattoo shop Bloodline Tattoo Studio. Check out their website below or email him directly to setup an appointment or consultation.

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